Freedom in Europe's Last Dictatorship
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Documentary, D/BLR 2004/2005 (79 min.)
A Film by: Sebastian Heinzel
Production: Kloos & Co. Medien
World Sales: Rise and Shine World Sales UG


Theatrical Release Germany: November 17, 2005 (Kloos & Co. Medien)
Theatrical Release Austria: March  15, 2006 (Docuzone Austria)


German filmmaker Sebastian Heinzel sets out on a journey to Belarus to find out how six young people of his own age live their lives and how free they really are in a young nation that is torn between stagnation, protest and emigration. He meets a political refugee, members of the Resistance, a house painter, a Go-Go-dancer, a journalist without any prospects and a soldier devoted to his country. The film is a stunning portrait of a generation that tries to find its own way after the breakdown of the Soviet Union. 89 Millimetres, the distance that railways in Belarus are wider than those of its Western neighbours, also stands for the little difference between life in Belarus and in Western Europe. Not a big difference. But here, right on the border of the new European Union, opens the gate to a new world. Some say, to the last dictatorship in Europe. This award-winning film was supported by amnesty international and has been shown until today in specials screenings and by numerous NGOs around the world. More: www.89mm-derfilm.de


Prädikat Wertvoll - Recommended (FBW), Best Movie (Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Rheinland-Pfalz), Best Camera (Prizren), Best Editing (Sehsüchte), Lobende Erwähnung (Kassel), Nomination for German Editing Award Film+

Selected Festivals:
Kassel/D, One World/CZ, Sehsüchte/D, Cologne Conference/D, ANONIMUL/ROM, RIDM Montréal/CDN, Glasgow/SCO, EU XXL Wien/AUT, BIG SKY/USA

DVD 89 MILLIMETRES available for mail order here.

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